Noism [ 日本・新潟 ] Noism [Niigata, Japan] 上演作品はこちら

りゅーとぴあ 新潟市民芸術文化会館を拠点に活動する日本初の劇場専属舞踊団。演出振付家・舞踊家の金森穣がりゅーとぴあ舞踊部門芸術監督に就任したことにより2004年に設立。プロフェッショナルカンパニーNoism1と研修生カンパニーNoism2がある。新潟を拠点に、Noism1はモスクワ・チェーホフ国際演劇祭との共同制作や、サイトウ・キネン・フェスティバル松本への出演など、国内外各地で多岐に渡って活動。Noism2は県内で開催される様々なイベントにも出演し、ローカルな活動を展開している。舞踊家の圧倒的な身体と鋭い問題意識に裏打ちされた作品、新潟から世界を見据えたカンパニー活動は、21世紀日本の新たな劇場文化モデルとして各方面から注目を集めている。 Noism is Japan's first dance company to have a residency at a theater, basing its activities at the Ryutopia Niigata City Performing Arts Center. The company was founded in 2004, after the director, choreographer, and dancer Jo Kanamori was appointed artistic director of Ryutopia's Dance Division. It is split into two divisions: Noism1, which consists of professional dancers, and Noism2, for apprentices. Based in Niigata, Noism1 has been active in a variety of places both in Japan and abroad, working with Moscow's Chekhov International Theatre Festival and performing at the Saito Kinen Festival Matsumoto. Noism2 participates in many events held within the prefecture, and has been increasingly active in the region. With its global outlook, with the dancers' overpowering bodies and sharp critical minds behind it, the company's work has been getting attention from all quarters as a new model for Japan's theater culture in the 21st century.

photo: Kishin Shinoyama

Noism芸術監督  金森 穣 Artistic Director, Noism / Jo Kanamori


Kanamori is a director, choreographer, and dancer. He is the artistic director of the Ryutopia Niigata City Performing Arts Center's Dance Division and its resident dance company Noism. When he was 17, Kanamori moved to Europe by himself, where he studied under Maurice Béjart and others. He made his debut as director and choreographer aged 20, while enrolled at the Nederlands Dans Theater. After a decade spent working with European dance companies, he returned to Japan. In 2004 he set up Noism, Japan's first dance company to have a residency at a theater. Since 2014 he has advised the city of Niigata on arts policy. He has received many prizes, including the Minister of Education Award for Fine Arts in 2007 and the Niigata Nippo Culture Award in 2008.