About ‘Arts Council Niigata’
-Statement of purpose-

Purpose of establishment

Arts Council Niigata revitalizes cultural and artistic activities of citizens, and lead the promotion of international tourism and economic activities. Now, All Niigata city unite in preparing cultural programs for Tokyo 2020 Olympic Paralympic Games. In order to keep the accomplishment after the Olympic Games, build a promotion system of Niigata city to be cultural and creative continually,that is a reason why Arts Council Niigata was establised in September 26,2017 within the office of Niigata City Art and Culture Promotive Foundation.

Who we are

According to a reseacher, 'in the basis of a grant for art and culture, Arts Council was defined as a specialized agency which has the authority to exercise cultural policy over keeping constant distance between the government(include government's agencies)and us.Arts councils have been established all over the world since 1946, from England to U.S.A, countries in Europe,Singapore,South Korea and Japan.

Functions of Arts Council Niigata

  1. 1. Support cultural artistic activities of citizens
    We support activities for art and culture by advising and consulting, and not only advise applicants if the activity will match or not but also we find another way with the vision of a specialist.
  2. 2. Research and Study
    We will be a 'Think Tank' of cultural artistic activities in Niigata city. For example, reseach about cultural artistic activities,study of policies,providing opportunities for promissing young people,enlightenment ,etc.
  3. 3. Present informations about arts and cultures.
    We unite in presenting informations about results of research and studies,a grant which will support your activities,projects that we have supported.
  4. 4. Plan
    We advise and suggest for cultural artistic projects which have led by Niigata city local government and agencies related with Niigata city,support planning and management.

Main projects

  • Consulting and supporting projects

    Starts from planning of art projects like performances and exhibitions, we manage cultural artistic organizations, arrange the finance, promote city by using art and culture. We are glad to support everyone can realize your dream. Please do not hesitate, just contact us.

    Instances (that we have done)

    Protect activities of Japanese traditional dance performance at Shrine which called KAGURAMAI, encourage children who have handicapped to participate social activities. Dessemination of Japanese traditional flower arrangement which called IKEBANA and pictures of Japanese traditional festival called MATSURIE. Promote the black box theater (or small theater) by performing attractive shows.

  • Projects that we have sponsored

    Promote cultural programs for TOKYO 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games aggressively, Arts Council Niigata and Niigata people will unite in presenting attractions of Niigata's culture.

    Instances (that we have done)

    An exhibition which named 'Memories and hope - Let's go to the town -' at DAIWA department store (sponsored by Executive Committee )

    Traditional peforming arts in Niigata had collaborated with Tokyo, Okinawa. (sponsored by Agency for Cultural Affairs, Public Interest Incorporated Association ofJapan Council of Performers Rights & Performing Arts Organizations )

    Symposium of cultural programs in Niigata(sponsored by Agency for Cultural Affairs)

Contact us

Niigata City Art & Culture Promotion Foundation
Arts Council Niigata

5F, 6-894-1. Nishibori Maedori Chuo-ku, Niigata-city, Niigata 951-8062 Japan
Phone No. 025-378-4690

Open:9:00a.m. to 5:15p.m. Monday to Friday