Introduction of us

Program Director

Mikio Sugiura

Mikio Sugiura was born in Ikebukuro,Tokyo. After graduating from Department of Aesthetics and Art History,Faculty of Fine Arts,Tokyo University of the Arts,completed master's degree of Urban Policy Course,Graduate School for Creative Cities,Osaka City University.
After working as a senior researcher of Think Tank, a member of faculty, an NPO corporation which supporting Creative Industry, he served as a program director of Okinawa Arts Council (Okinawa Prefectural Culture Promotion Foundation) until March 2016 and he was given a post as program director of Arts Council Niigata since its has established.He is a specialist on cultural policies, local policies such as urban industries. Also he has served as a lecturer in arts management at Jissen Women's University. Enjoy eating around local food and like fishing.

Program Officer

Naoko Fukushima

Naoko Fukushima was born in Yamato-koriyama City, Nara. She graduated from the Department of Comparative Study of Cultures, Faculty of Letters, Tsuru University. After working at Kyoto Art Center, Osaka City Children's Cultural Center, and Aichi Prefectural Art Theater, she was given a post as program officer in Arts Council Niigata April 2017. She has played a important part of numerous performances, workshop productions and management of performing arts including contemporary dance.She served as a writer at the website of Mecenat Association, city magazine 'My Nara',etc.

Satomi Kitazawa

Satomi Kitazawa was born in Sanjo City,Niigata.After graduating from Department of Music and Arts management,Showa University of Music,she played a part in planning and management of the project like concerts,operas,music festivals in Yokohama City Asahi Ward Cultural Center Sun Heart and Hachioji College Community & Culture Fureai Foundation.She has served as program officer of Arts Council Niigata since May 2017.She loves cafe's in museums.

Ayano Takahashi

Ayano Takahashi was born in Higashi Ward Niigata City.She graduated from College of Comparative Culture,University of Tsukuba.Her graduation thesis was "The sociality of public halls - Examples of Huge earthquake in Eastern Japan(Higashinihon-Daishinsai)".After graduating the university,she served as an officer in Akiha Ward Culture Center and managed some projects.She was given a post as program officer of Arts Council Niigata in Sep 2016.Supporting projects in cultural facilities are her special field. She loves watching Sumo wrestling, and watching a comedy program which named Shoten with eating Senbei;Japanese snacks.


Riku Yasunaga

Riku Yasunaga was born on 1994, lives in Agano City. He plays a part in maintaining the park,supporting agriculture,cultivating Shiitake mushrooms in Aozora sorashi-do. He is not good at talking because he has autism and intellectual disability. However he has a talent for painting human cynically, animals in pastel.Portraits which he has painted as artistical art tell us humanity of each. To paint portraits of athletes in Tokyo 2020 Olympic Paralympic Games is his dream.